Welcome to CryptoSmart Bank

By using CryptoSmart Bank, you avoid intermediaries between you and your money, reduce risks and costs, improving your privacy and security thanks to blockchain technology. We have different investment strategies in Crypto, DeFi and automated markets, duly diversified to maximize the returns obtained. 24/7 access to the online platform where the client can verify the operations carried out by the fund.


Annual Return

$3.5 Millions



Since the beginning of operations


Biannual management fee

Pay with

CryptoSmart Pay

The alliance with Visa allows us to use the cards internationally to offer our clients a payment alternative directly connected to their transaction account, WITHOUT COMMISSIONS. You can pay at any payment point with your accumulated earnings in CryptoSmart Bank.

Our Investment


We use all the power of the internet to gain advantage of the markets.


Crypto Holding & Trading

We have a team of professional traders who, through technical analysis tools and under the supervision of the risk control department, carry out operations in the market obtaining solid profits.


Artificial intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence Arbitrage Bots can accurately and safely analyze the market using high-frequency strategies to take advantage of highly liquid events.


Passive Earnings

The volatility of the market does not affect us, we use low risk strategies with investments that generate passive income in decentralized DeFi protocols and the validation of transactions in the blockchain.


Liquidity Reserves

CryptoSmart Bank always has a liquidity reserve in stable currencies such as USDC and DAI to meet risk parameters and take advantage of immediate investment opportunities.

Products & Services

Construction of Smart Contracts

We have developments tailored to clients who need to venture into blockchain technology, integrating real solutions that save costs and increase the speed of their transactions.

AI development

We have translated our strategies into high-frequency automated solutions that can operate in different markets, providing alternatives that can complement analysts in making and executing decisions.

Digital Assets

Beyond internal solutions, we develop products for clients who need to digitally quantify their company's assets, seek financing or liquidity without resorting to traditional systems.

Investing is just

The beginning

At CryptoSmart Bank we give you the tools to take control of your money quickly and safely.

We have developed an online system, where our clients can check the status of their account in real time, monitor the history of their investment, carry out transactions and check the behavior of the fund in an easy, secure and transparent way. For your security, the application has FACE ID AND DOUBLE FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

How can

I participate?



Request the documentation from CryptoSmart bank and return a signed copy of the participation agreement, in addition to the general terms and conditions.


Make your participation effective

After verification of your subscription by CryptoSmart Bank, the amount deposited in dollars must reach the bank account within the next three (3) business days before the desired entry day.


Sign up

After receiving the documentation and the subscription amount, you will receive a login access for your investment account in our business dashboard and in our mobile app, where you can manage your money quickly and safely every day of the year.

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Whether you have specific product inquiries or general CryptoSmart Bank questions, our team will be happy to help. After completing the corresponding form below, one of our advisors will contact you.